A nifty little jQuery or Zepto plugin for the simplest of sliding views.

What it does

Sliding views let you present content in distinct, bite-sized chunks while maintaining hierarchy through the use of spacial animation. They look neat, too.

There are many wonderful JavaScript frameworks out there that pull this off beautifully... but they can get kind of complicated. When your needs are simple or responsive, SimpleSlideView may do the trick.

How it works

The plugin only needs a few ingredients to work:

  • Either jQuery or Zepto.
  • A containing element.
  • Some special data-pushview and data-popview attributes on elements you want to trigger slides.

Then call...


...and bob’s your uncle!

Okay, there’s a little more to it than that (especially if you want to customize a bunch of stuff). But not much.

Where to get it

All this (plus documentation and source files) can be yours right now thanks to the magic of GitHub and open source software. Isn’t life great?

Made by Cloud Four

Basic demo »